Battery TESTING services

Our comprehensive testing portfolio in one location.

TÜV Rheinland traction battery within a climate chamber

Battery Dimensions

The cells, modules and packs can be tested under different test scenarios with almost all conceivable requirements. Our testing facility is designed to meet customer specific- requirements from cell level to large battery pack. Please contact us with your customized battery parameters.


Large batteries with more than 2.3 m x 1.6 m x 0.4 m can be tested (L x W x H)


Our test benches can handle heavy battery systems up to 800 kg without technical limitations


Our power electronics can provide up to 500 kW (up to 1,200 V; 1,000 A)

Sample Testing

From prototype to D sample

Battery testing services in detail

Electrical tests

    • Lifetime and performance tests under different climate conditions (cell, module, pack)
    • Electrical and thermal abuse testing on cell and module level

Mechanical tests

    • Vibration, shock tests and mechanical integrity
    • Realization of different mechanical abuse tests like fall/drop and nail-penetration

Environmental tests

    • Dust, corrosion, IP leakage and salt water immersion tests

Abuse tests

    • Electrical, thermal and mechanical abuse tests

Performance tests

    • Performance tests on cell, module and pack level

Consulting services

    • Battery safety and standards consulting services
Worldmap Battery Standards

Battery Standards

We provide the most important international testing standards for batteries at our site. These include, among others, the ECE R 100, UN 38.3 and LV124.


ECE R100 | Type approval

    • Vibration tests
    • Thermal shock and cycle
    • Mechanical integrity
    • Fire resistance
    • External short circuit protection
    • Overcharge protection
    • Protection against discharge
    • Overheating protection
    • Propagation

UN 38.3 | Transport

    • Height simulation
    • Thermal testing
    • Vibration
    • Impact
    • External short circuit
    • Impact / crush test
    • Overcharge
    • Forced discharge

LV124 | Validation

    • Electrical tests
    • Mechanical tests
    • Environmental tests
    • Abuse tests

Test equipment today

We are already able to perform battery tests today. The following test equipment is already available.

More test equipment will be following in Q2 2022. If you need more detailed information, please contact us directly.

Battery abuse center

For performance of abuse tests (e.g. internal fire propagation, nail-penetration on cell and module level)

Battery tester for packs and cells

Battery tester for packs (1,000 V and 600 A).

Test benches

Various test benches (e.g. drop, nail-penetration, crush)

Climate chamber

In our climate chamber for traction batteries we can perform tests up to 40 m³ ; -30°C to +80°C

Climate and temperature chambers

Various climate and temperature chambers for components


Shaker up to 30 kg

Test equipment as of Q2 2022

Together with the leading equipment manufacturers, we have designed a state-of-the-art Battery Testing Center. It features a comprehensive testing portfolio, high flexibility and strong performance data.
Battery Simulator for EV Batteries

Total number of test benches

Battery simulator

Supplier: Kratzer Automation

    • DC controller 1 channel
    • Nominal power 250 kW
    • Parallel operation possible (2 controllers per  climatic chamber; 500 kW)
    • Voltage range: 20 V – 1200 V
    • Current range: +-10 A – 1000 A
    • Short time overload: >20% for >30 s
    • Efficiency at Pn>90%
    • Accuracy voltage <0.03%
    • Accuracy current <0.03%, offset <200 mA
    • Sampling rate 1 kHz
    • Real-time measurement trolley
    • BMS Power Supply and 8 x CAN per DUT
Climate chamber for EV batteries

Total number of test benches

Climate chamber

Supplier: Weiss Technik

    • Volume: 16 m³
    • Temperature range: -40°C to +90°C
    • Temperature constancy: ± 1.0°C (temporal) ± 2.0°C (spatial)
    • Temperature gradient: 4 – 5 K/min (with test specimen)
    • Humidity: 10%rH to 95%rH
    • Humidity constancy: ± 5.0%rH (temporal)
    • 93%rH @ 60°C (UG: 91%rH // OG: 95%rH)
    • EUCAR Hazard level 5
    • High pressure water mist extinguishing system
    • Floodable version
    • Rack for 2 test specimen
IP test chamber

Total number of test benches

IP test chamber

Supplier: ITS GmbH

    • Multi-purpose testing chamber
    • IPX5, IPX6K, IPX7K and IPX9K
    • Temperature-controlled environment with temperature range up to 60°C
    • Test rig for IP protection class testing (IPX)
    • Water flow rate: 14-16 l/min Water pressure: 10000 kPa (measured directly at the nozzle)
    • Water temperature: 80°C
    • Test setup with flat spray nozzle according to Figure 7 in [ISO-20653]
Corrosion chamber

Total number of test benches

Corrosion chamber

Supplier: RSI TestSysteme

    • Rack for 2 test specimen
    • Size: 4.0 m x 3.2 m x 2.9 m (L x W x H)
    • Rack for 2 test specimens
    • Salt solution (sodium chloride in deionized water, 50±10 g/l, pH 6.5 – 7.2).
    • Salt spray chamber (temperature range: +23°C – +40°C; humidity: 50%rH – 100%rH)
    • Temperature deviation: 2.0 K (temporal)
    • EUCAR Hazard Level 5
Temperature shock system

Total number of test benches

Temperature shock system

Supplier: Weiss Technik

    • Shock test stand, compact unit
    • Heating of test specimen to 60°C in oven
    • Immersion in salt solution (0°C cold, 5% salt water)
    • Maximum water column above test specimen 1m
    • Heating capacity: approx. 40.20 kW
    • Automatic lowering equipment
    • min. immersion time: 10 s (duration of first contact with water until complete immersion  5 s)
    • Max. heating: +4 K (at 0°C water start temperature and max. 80 MJ/dip)
EV Battery Splash water test

Total number of test benches

Splash water test

Supplier: ITS GmbH

    • Test chamber according to LV124
    • Heating of test specimen to 60°C
    • Tap water containing 3% Arizona dust by weight, fine, in accordance with ISO 12103-1. Permanent mixing is ensured.
    • Splash water temperature 0 to 4°C
    • Water flow 3 to 4 liters per splash/nozzle
    • Splash nozzle according to test requirements
Shaker K200/EM50H

Total number of test benches


Supplier: IMV Corporation

    • Type: K200/EM50HAM
    • 1 axis system with lifting expander and slip table, combined with climate chamber, DC controller, measurement trolley and conditioning unit
    • Sine 200 kN
    • Shock 800 kN
    • Test specimen mass 800 kg + 150 kg support
    • Random Vibration
    • Sine Vibration
    • Shock Test – 50g 6 ms
    • 5-200 Hz for large specimen
    • 5-2000 Hz for small specimen
Dust -TEST -System-ITS-GmbH

Total number of test benches

Dust test system

Supplier: ITS GmbH

    • Temperature control environment:
    • Humidity: rH 25%-75%
    • Pressure 86 kPa-106 kPa
    • Test chamber according to the requirements for dust testing in [ISO-20653].
    • For use of test dust according to the requirements in [ISO 12103-1].
    • Test wire for contact and foreign body protection according to [ISO-20653].
EV Battery Abuse Center TÜV-Rheinland

Battery Abuse Center


    • Specially designed abuse chamber for conduction of abuse tests, e.g. nail-penetration, crush, drop, fire resistance, short circuit, thermal propagation
    • Precise control of environmental conditions
    • Mobile equipment
    • Size: 8 m x 7 m x 8 m
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